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Warning about the use of cookies on the site
A cookie is a data file created by the browser for a website. The browser sends it to the site server in an HTTP request when the site is opened.

A cookie is stored on your computer, tablet, phone, smart TV or other device that you use to visit the site. It is used by site owners to ensure the correct operation of sites, improve performance and to obtain analytical information.

We use 4 types of cookies on the site:

Cookies for the correct operation of the site. They allow you to move around the site and use it. These files do not identify you as an individual. If you do not agree to use this type of files, then it may impair the performance of the website or its components. Analytics cookies. With the help of them, we learn how visitors work with the site, which pages they visit and how long they stay on the site. They also allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the content of the site for visitors who are interested in our advertising. These files do not identify you. The information is anonymous. Cookies for returning visitors. With the help of them, we select the content of the site for visitors who have re-entered the site. If you block them, it may affect the functionality of the site and restrict access to information.

Advertising cookies. They record information about your online activities, your visits to our sites and pages, and the links and ads you choose to view. This allows us to provide you with advertising and other information about products that are more relevant to your interests.

We and our service providers may use cookies to:

Make it easier for yourself and third parties to receive information about your visits to the site. Process your orders.

Analyze information about your visits to the pages to improve the site and understand your interests.

Provide advertisements, messages and content created by us and third parties on this site and the sites of others, taking into account your interests.

Help you get the information you need.

Some cookies are valid from the moment you enter the site until the end of your browsing experience. When you close your browser, these files become unnecessary and are automatically deleted. These cookies are called “session cookies”.

Some cookies are stored on the device between browsing sessions. These cookies are called “persistent” cookies. The lifespan of persistent cookies on your device depends on their functionality.

Cookies are placed on your device by the administration of this site and its subdomains. These cookies are referred to as “own” cookies.

Some cookies may be placed on your device by other operators: Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics, Sendpulse and others. Such cookies are referred to as “third party” cookies.

We work with technology partners and service providers to provide advertising and personalized content that we and other advertisers believe will be of interest to you. Third party providers use cookies when providing services to us or other companies. In such cases, we do not control the use of such technology or the information obtained from it, and we are not responsible for any actions or policies of third parties.

Advertising may be served to you based on your online or mobile activity, your search activity, your response to one of our advertisements or emails, the pages you visit, your geographic region or other information. These advertisements may appear on our site or on third party sites.

Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can change your settings to block cookies or warn the user when this type of cookie is sent to the device.

If you disable cookies, the site may not work properly and we may not be able to provide customized offers and improve the site.

If you use different devices to access our site, then you should ensure that each browser on each device is set according to your cookie preferences.

Consent to the processing of personal data
I hereby, hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Subject”, in pursuance of the requirements of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” (as amended and supplemented), freely, of my own free will and in my interest, give consent to KomplektSnab LLC ” (TIN 2312293444), located at the address Krasnodar, st. Them. Snesareva, 18/1, room 14, for the processing of their personal data specified in applications on the site and its subdomains, with the following conditions.

This Consent is given to the processing of personal data, both without the use of automation tools, and with their use.

Consent is given to the processing of my following personal data:
Personal data that is not special and biometric:
name, surname and patronymic;
phone numbers;
email addresses;
address of residence and delivery;
passport details of the recipient of the goods for the transport company;
User data:
location information;
OS type and version;
Browser type and version;
device type and screen resolution;
source from where the user came to the site
from which site or from which advertisement;
OS and Browser language;
what pages the user opens and what buttons the user clicks on;
ip address.
Personal data is not publicly available.
Purposes of processing incoming requests from Personal Data Subjects:
Analytics of the actions of the Personal Data Subject on the website and the functioning of the website;
Promotion of goods and services;
Studying the needs of buyers;
Conducting advertising and newsletters.
The basis for the processing of personal data is: Art. 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; Article 6 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”; Charter LLC “KomplektSnab” present consent to the processing of personal data.

The following actions will be taken with personal data: collection; record; systematization; accumulation; storage; clarification (update, change); extraction; usage; transfer (distribution, provision, access); blocking; removal; destruction.

The date of issue of consent to the processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject is the date of sending the application from the Site. This consent to the processing of my personal data specified in the application on the Site, sent (filled out) using the Site, is valid for 75 years from the date of sending the application on the Site;

The Site has the right to engage subcontractors for the processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject, and also has the right to transfer personal data for processing to its affiliates, while ensuring that such subcontractors and affiliates accept appropriate obligations regarding the confidentiality of personal data.

The processing of personal data may be terminated at the request of the Personal Data Subject. The storage of personal data recorded on paper is carried out in accordance with Federal Law No. 125-FZ “On Archiving in the Russian Federation” and other regulatory legal acts in the field of archiving and archival storage.

Consent may be withdrawn by the Personal Data Subject or his representative by sending a written application to KomplektSnab LLC or his representative at the address indicated at the beginning of this Consent.

In the event that the Personal Data Subject or his representative withdraws consent to the processing of personal data, KomplektSnab LLC has the right to continue processing personal data without the consent of the Personal Data Subject if there are grounds specified in paragraphs 2-11 of part 1 of article 6, part 2 of article 10 and part 2 Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006

This consent is valid all the time until the termination of the processing of personal data specified in clauses 10 and 12 of this Consent.

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