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July 13, 2020

Extracting Relations to Traits in Laravel Models

Hey maybe it’s just me, but maybe you also noticed that once the project becomes big, models tend to grow exponentionally. While this is not bad by itself, but up to 80% of the code is Laravel relations which eat up all the screen space and ...

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For over 20 years of software development in IT sphere our team has accumulated vast experience in selecting the right technologies and tools for customers with different project sizes. Read more on how to choose the right software development technologies for your project:

  • Is there a preferred programming language for my industry?

    Our team will work closely to meet your unique requirements. This may mean leveraging one particular technology or several. It all depends on the project. We take care to craft individualized solutions for our clients — no cookie-cutter approaches here.
  • If my industry isn't listed, what should I do?

    While we specialize in the industries listed above, that certainly doesn't mean we can’t help your business grow. Make sure to reach out today to learn more about how Nomadic Soft can help.
  • Will my website or application grow with my business?

    Part of our goals here at Nomadic Soft is to deliver our clients future-proof solutions for their digital needs. Using modern technologies and the latest methods, we can deliver application and website development that will scale as you grow.
  • What technology is used for eCommerce projects?

    Every language has its own merits and is used in different cases. If you want to know what languages are most popular right now you can check out specialized rating websites like PYPL or TIOBE. However, this knowledge won’t help if you want to create a digital product. Every project requires a certain tech stack and only a software development company can make it up for you.

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