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August 29, 2022

Web Front end Developers and Technologies in 2022: a Complete Review

Front end is everything users interact with on the site or in the application. Here’s the review of the technologies still used in 2022, the situation on the market for Web front end developers and where to hire the best...

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New Feedback: Electron.js application
October 01, 2020

New Feedback: Electron.js application

Recently we finished an electron.js application for one of our clients. It was connecting to an IP camera through a rather complex API using Digest authentication. If you need electron or web applications – please feel free to reach o...

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August 14, 2020

Simple Desktop Application Opening a Website Using Electron-js

Fastest way to have a meaningful desktop app which actually does something is to use electron js and just open a website inside a webview: All in all it’s a pretty simple and straightforward task, just a few notes along the way.

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