SaaS for building chatbots built with Botman and Laravel.
Has a full set of functionalities for building chatbots and deploying them on any site

Integration with Zapier, MailChimp, Klaviyo and Google APIs (for pushing responses to Google Sheets).
With the ability for building black and white label projects (self-hosted for reselling)

From the pitch:
Forget static forms or boring surveys. Our automated chatbots are a new, engaging way to generate leads or survey your prospects.
No coding, no headaches. Just drag and drop conversational elements and unleash your creativity... The possibilities are endless.

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How We Develop Aminos

Using today’s modern technologies, our developers will provide solutions for your most challenging healthcare problems. We’ll work with your team or your client to hone down exactly what you need from your website or app. From there, our developers will create solutions that string together factors like:

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Whether It’s Directly with Your Team or With Your Client, Nomadic Soft Delivers.

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